DDS: Family Connections

Family Connections

Connecting with other families can be an important source of support and information for parents who have children with disabilities. Parent advocacy and family support groups typically offer information, education, advocacy, discussion groups, parent support, and networking to people who share similar experiences raising a family member who has a disability.
How can I locate a family support group that is right for me and my family?

The CT Family Support Network, is a great resource for families who want to connect with other families.
{Facebook Account for Connecticut Family Support Network}  Facebook for Connecticut Family Support Network (CTFSN)
View the CTFSN Brochure (PDF, 854 KB)

View the Family Support Brochure (PDF, 387 KB)
What support can I find through the CT Family Support Network?

The CT Family Support Network (CTFSN) is a network of families who have children with disabilities. They are parents interested in helping other parents to find the supports they need. The Network was created by the Connecticut Family Support Council, a legislatively established partnership of parents and professionals working to improve supports for families of children with disabilities.
  • Networking and socializing with other families
  • Parent training and educational workshops
  • A collective voice that reaches policymakers
  • Agency referrals
  • A philosophy that empowers parents
  • Community-based assistance and support
  • Telephone support
  • Website links
  • Regular Parent Support Group meetings
  • Working with school systems including IFSP and PPT preparation and support
  • Help to advocate for local programs and services
  • Child-care and travel stipends to attend family support network events (limited by available resources)
Are there other sources of information about family support and advocacy groups?

Yes. The United Way of Connecticut provides a wealth of information at 2-1-1 (In Connecticut, dial 211 or find 2-1-1 on the web at 2-1-1 is a great resource to locate local parent advocacy and family support groups and other resources for people with disabilities and their families. Information about these groups may also be available from your physician, school, or local provider agency. You may also contact your DDS case manager for suggestions of advocacy and family support groups in your local area.
Are there parents that can share information about DDS supports in my region?

Other Resource Links
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